Thank you southamerica, time to go home for now

Southamerica, October 2012 – March 2013

It was a blast…

Special thanks to all the beautiful people who made our Travel as perfect as it was. You were our key to hapiness, you put smiles on our faces, and you are one of the reasons, we had the time of our lives.

Thank you Rapha, Johannes, Melanie, Pablo, Marlon, Jason, Zoey, Jenny, Carmela, Nico and Joscha: We are missing you and the good times we had in Buenos Aires, its a hell of a city. Thanks to mine Medonza-Connection: Drasco aka „Mitch Bucannon“ – Hope you doing fine in San Diego; Snils, my lil swedish author, did you finish your novel yet? Thanks to Raj and Cotty, who sweeten our Christmas morning… 1000 kisses to Jakob my friend and his lovely Family, who gave us a home when we needed it, and who made our Santiago experience unique and hearttouching. Jake, dont u wanna cry guy? stop acting like a shy guy…. Federico, thank you for everything, we are still reading your book, but up here in the heat, i cannot feel firelands roughness anymore… Brad, Dean, and all the others Antartic Travellers and Patagonia Travellors, thanks for not publishing my naked polar plansh pics, and thank for these great moments we share. I am still dreaming of the beauti of this special Place. Thank you Edgar, who taught me Bolivian Culture and what to do against High Altitude Sickness. Thanks to Andreas, who gave us a bed on our first and homeless night in Sucre. Thanks to Kalus and his Family for giving a homesick Berlinian new hope and a small lil paradise in Sucre. And thanks to the Crew and Ana and Michael, Max, hopefully everthing is going well for you, Yurai, you never came back, what happened? Special thanks to the tazmanian devil Andy, im so sorry, we could not even say goodbye, but i will visit you, no matter where… Also Moritz, Dr. Beauti, man, we had good times, even if you were hungover most of the days, and greets to your brother, i dont agree with you about him beeing so irresponable, what about you mo? I guess i see you the latest back in Germany

Im pretty sure i forget some important people, but its late and im tired after 5 month southamerica….

Big Kiss and lots of love to all of you.


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3 Antworten zu „Thank you southamerica, time to go home for now“

  1. Avatar von snils

    That’s just beautiful!

    I threw away my old novel and wrote a new one. This one is about this german couple travelling in south america. They meet a mysterious traveller. He says he is from Sweden, but the germans are not really sure. Who is he? What does he want? And why is he so hot?
    Both of the germans soon initiate a steaming relationship with the cryptical man, without the other part being aware of what is going on. The germans are consumed by their feelings of jealousy, and torn between their own guilt and the attraction they are feeling for the traveller.
    It’s a little bit like fifty shades of grey, only a bit dirtier.

    1. Avatar von Leif

      hehe, sounds like a bestseller, but maybe you should work on this weird swedish main character a lil bit more…. he seems creapy..

  2. Avatar von Jay

    Hatta schön jesacht, hatta! Bis gleich! 😉

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