Singapore: Big City Food

Singapore, 9.7. – 10.7.2013


Sometimes places come along of which you thought to visit before, but then you dismissed it due to some prejudice or experience of others. Singapore has been such a place. Originally I wanted to see that business pearl of south east asia, where everything should work like clockwork and where the streets are supposed to be that clean, that you could lick it off. Then everyone told us, its not worth to go there, just an overorganised city, expensive and annoying by its strict rules and police presence. As we went on travelling through Asia, we never even came to think about visiting it, since we never took any transit flight over Singapore.


Then there have been these days on Bali, when we decided to change our Route. Right at this time a message dropped, by Jean, who we met in Medewi couple weeks before saying, that if we are going to make it, we are more than welcome to visit her in Singapore. And as our flight to Sri Lanka went over Singapore, we arranged to make a stopover for one day, to find out ourselves if these prejudices are true.


Jean even took one day off, so she can show us around and spend the day in the city. And, due to the fact, that we have been together around bali, always looking for the best streetfood, she knew our preferences and our city tour became more of a food tour to different districts: Some of that Naam with curry chicken fried and spicy in little india; and Malaysian slimy breakfast, in the foodcourt of these typical government housing projects; A little bit of this spicy duck with rice and soup; And we tried this chinese meat filled cake, which was not to recommend.


After typical Tourist shopping to find an equivalent to the broken laptop, we enjoyed the beautiful skyline of Singapore at night. This City actually has a vibe, and its a good one. Its relaxed, its international, multicultural and its green. But its hot, its wet, and this is never changing. there are no seasons, its always the same. This is probably the worst about Singapore. The strict organisation is same like in Germany, and even if some things are overorganised or overregulated, this is less annoying but more exhilarating.

20130728-163801.jpg 20130728-164024.jpg

But the best thing was Jean showing us around – sometimes even without knowing these places on her own. She just moved back after 7 years in the US. So i guess, that was for all of us an interesting city Tour, hearthwarming and delicious.

Thank you Jean for this extraordinary Citytour, and for these unique places that you showed us. I hope to meet you again one day in the lineups of Indonesia or the powderfilled slopes of the Alpes.

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